Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wine Sippy Cups

Last weekend my friend was in town for Mardi Gras. I had some plastic cups that have the wine glass inside so that was what we planned on using for the parade.  But, me being me I just could not have us go with a plain cup.  I did not have the time or the colors of vinyl to layer my project so I used a printable vinyl and quickly put the colors how we wanted and then cut it out.  I also added a saying for the other side. When using printable vinyl I put other designs on there since it can only be printed and cut once. 

The first time the saying did not work so I did it again and it did work. Here is the first design love how this turned out. The vinyl is water resistant not water proof so I will need to spray it with something but, it worked perfectly for our wine and for the parade.

Here is the saying, we love how this looked.

Here is a close up of the saying.  Love that I have the different colors of Mardi Gras thank goodness for printable vinyl.

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