Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Easter Wreath

So I have had this Easter wreath over 10 years. It was one of the first wreaths I ever made. 
The purple Easter grass started coming off so I wrapped purple ribbon around it.

I took apart my old wreath with the plan to use the bow, bunny and eggs on a new wreath. I was able to get all the glue off the bunny and fix up the bow.  Plus, I got the glue off the eggs and I took off the grass from the straw wreath. I will keep the straw wreath for another project.

In one of the Facebook groups I belong in I seen where this lady took bath poofs and made a wreath. It was so cute, then someone posted a video showing a different way of doing it without using floral pins.

I purchased a 13in white foam wreath at Hobby Lobby. I then cut the wreath at the seam mark.

 I purchased some bath poofs and I picked up two solid colored ones and four that had three colors. Depending on the size of the wreath will determine how many poofs you need, most use only two.
There is a string in the center that keeps the bath poof shape.  You cut that and the poof comes a part. this is what the two above look like once apart.

The one with the three colors is not as long as the one that is just one color the white and lite pink are shorter then there is the darker pink which is just a little longer.

Once you have the poof all a part you take and scrunch it all together where you have both end pieces.  Then you slip the poof over the opening of the wreath and slide it on like a pair of nylons.

I forgot to get a photo of this step. This wreath took two bath poofs.  I used the two that were mufti-colored.  Once I placed the material on the wreath I took heavy duty packing tape and taped the wreath back together.  Then I took the bow from my old wreath and attached it to the new wreath.


 From here I placed the bunny on the wreath.
I had planned on putting the old plastic eggs on my new wreath but, my husband and I was at Dollar Tree the other day and we picked up these pretty colored eggs.  He told me that is what we got them for so just use them.  I have to say I really like the way they look.
With my husband's help I placed the eggs on the wreath. I wanted to make sure the eggs could be seen with the colors of the wreath.

I really like how easy it was to make this wreath and that I re-did my old Easter wreath.  I love the new eggs they are clear with some cut diamond pattern.

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