Monday, February 23, 2015

My Daughter's Easter Wreath.

My daughter is in the Navy and stationed in Virgina with her husband and two daughters.  I make a lot of different crafts and they usually get most of the things I made.  

Well, my daughter wanted to make a Easter wreath.  She called me from Michael's to get some info on finding the type of foam wreath she wanted.   She purchased the ribbon and wreath at Michael's
I reminded her to use her phone and use the coupon.  

Everything else she picked up at Dollar Tree.

Materials used.
Foam wreath (1)
Spools of ribbon (2)
Plastic eggs (5)
Plastic chicken eggs (2)
Yellow Easter Grass

She tightly wrapped the foam wreath with the ribbon and hot glued the ends. 

She filled the chickens with the grass yellow Easter grass.

Then she hot glued the Easter eggs and the yellow chicks on the wreath. Here is her completed Easter wreath.
Love how colorful and cute this turned out. Way to go Cassandra.

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