Friday, January 9, 2015

Wooden stands for night lights.

One of the groups I belong to a lady posted instructions on how to make a stand for the glass blocks. Along with a hole for the cord for the single light. I really liked how this looked and wanted to have one for both the night lights I had made for my granddaughter's.

My husband took the instructions and modified them instead of screws, he used glue and nails.  We also decided we wanted to leave the stand natural and not painted.  Once my husband completed the stands.

I used my Silhouette to cut both my granddaughter's names out in vinyl.  I also cut out some hearts and a moon to go with the glass blocks.

Here is the monkey one on the stand with the light on.

Here it is with the light off.
Here is the turtle one with the stand and light on.

 Here is one with the lights off.

Now, these blocks are just not quite ready, the bows need to be added.  I have a bowdabra and I had the material all picked out so that the bows would match the designs but, also match each other.

Once the bow was made we used a glue gun and glued the bows on then fluffed them up.  Being that they are made using the wire ribbon it was easy to bend and fluff them.

I seen some bulbs in the Christmas section and I thought it would be nice to get some colored bulbs for the night lights.  I picked up some blue bulbs.  My daughter changed out the bulb to the blue and she likes it better it gives a nice glow but, not too bright.  The photos were taken with a cell phone it is not the best photos but, I do like the blue bulb.

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