Friday, January 9, 2015

Valentines Ornaments.

Found these ornaments in the Christmas clearance aisle at Michael's wished they had more than one package.  They are heart shaped and I thought they would be so cute for Valentines Day.

The first one I was making, it slipped right out of my hand and shattered all over the place.  Lucky for me I still had 5 left.  I may try to find a wire ornament tree but, for now I have placed them on a crystal plate.

So I took the ornaments and added the Mop & Glo then the glitter.  Here is a link to my original post on how to do the ornaments.

I was going to do them in different colors but, my husband said he liked them all in the red glitter.  I purchased some white ribbon and I wanted to put a small bow on the cap.  I do not make bows at all, then I was playing with the ribbon and I figured out how to make small bows.  So I made five little bows and glued them on the cap. I like how they turned out.

I am very pleased with how my bows and ornaments turned out.

As much as I liked these ornaments I felt they needed something more.  I wanted to put a message but, since one broke I only had five.  So I thought of be mine but, too many letters.  My husband said just the letter b and the word mine.  The we both thought of a bee and the word mine.  Here is the end result, I am so pleased with how it turned out.

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