Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine's charger plate

Yesterday, I seen that I had a red charger plate and an empty plate holder so I decided to decorate  a plate for Valentine's day.  I had a couple different designs and I just was not sure which one to do. I text my friend and asked I also asked her for color choices.  Many times I ask my husband but, it is nice to change up and get different opinions. 

The design is from the Silhouette store, I made it a little too big even through I had the charger to check the size.  Hubby said just cut again but, I did not want to waste the vinyl so I placed each line and put it as straight as I could.  I love the different colors.

Then I felt it needed  something on the rim so I did a cupid with an offset in white so that it would stand out against the red plate.  Hubby said to add a heart and I had some pink hearts already cut so I added one to the top and bottom.

It is for us and my husband thinks I should leave it out all year long not just Valentine's day.  Pleased with how it looks and turned out. I can see it is slightly crooked but, I am still happy with it.

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