Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentine Bears.

In many of my craft pages on Facebook people have been buying these little stuffed animals at the Dollar Tree.  They are only 6.5 inches tall.  What these crafty people are doing is putting names on the animals using heat transfer material.  They have also put the year on the feet of the animals.

Many have heat presses and they just smash the animals in the press.  I really liked this idea and wanted to do it for my granddaughters.  I do not have a heat press but, I read that some have done it with an iron.

Today, I purchased two bears and using my Silhouette cameo and using Siser easy weed I cut out my granddaughters names.  Then I placed the name on the chest of the bears and covered the entire bear with a cloth.  I pressed really hard for a count of 25.  Then I pressed again for another count of 25 and I am so very pleased with how they turned out.  Cannot wait to send them to my G-babies.  I also have two bunnies that will decorate for their Easter Baskets.

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