Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love Onesis for the G-Babies

Talking to my daughter, she is going to have some photos done of the girls with a Valentine theme. She was due to have them today but, the photographer had to cancel.  She is rescheduled for next Saturday.

I had picked up some long sleeved onesis for both the girls and told her I could decorate them.  She lives in VA and we live in MS but, I knew I could come up with something and have them in the mail and to her before Saturday.

I took the design I put on the Valentine's day Mason jar for my second granddaughter.  Then I found for the sign language for love for my first granddaughter. My oldest granddaughter is hearing impaired. 

My daughter does not like her girls to be dressed the same so I came up with the idea of both of them wearing the word love on their shirts but, one is with sign language and the other is the word. 

Here are the two shirts the top one is for the older G-baby and the bottom is for her sister.

Using my Silhouette Cameo I traced the photo of the sign language.  Then using my Silhouette Cameo and Siser easy weed I cut out the hand in maroon.

 At the same time I cut out the word love for the second shirt.
Then I cut out a red heart for the center of the hand.

Same time I cut out the large red heart I cut out three small red hearts.  I used Siser easy weed for the red.  I could have made it wear I did not cut the hearts out in maroon and red but, wanted to have the line up where they needed to be so I just put the red hearts over the maroon ones.

Here are the two shirts together.  I am looking forward to seeing them wearing these shirts.  They are both going to be a little big on the girls but, they will grow into them and they are not just for Valentine's day they can wear them any day.

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