Friday, January 9, 2015

Etched Wine and Beer Glasses

So in the beginning of December I was on the phone with my son and he mentioned whose name he picked at work to get a Christmas gift for.  Since he is overseas he wanted to order something and have it mailed to our home and then have me mail it to him.  This would have been quicker but, when I heard what he wanted the two of us started thinking and we decided that I could make something and mail it to him.

His friend is a huge LA kings fan so I etched the logo on the glasses. My son wanted it to read Stanley Cup Champions and the years, along with her name.
I was so lucky I got the design approved and with my husband's help we etched a beer mug and wine glass.  Then we mailed it out right away we got lucky and it arrived rather quickly. So he had it before the holidays.

Here is a photo of the wine glass. Her name is on the back but, for privacy I will leave the photo with her name off.
Here is a pic of the beer mug. The receiver of the gift was very pleased with both the glasses.

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