Friday, January 9, 2015

Etched Mason Jar

Along with the police badge being etched on the beer glass my friend wanted the badge on a Mason jar for her sister in law.  But, she also wanted a way to honor her son who is a chief in the Navy.  We designed the badge first.  My husband came up with the idea of putting a badge number on it and giving her the number 1.  Really like how it looks even before it was etched.

Here it is all taped off so that the parts that do not need to be etched are protected.  Plus, before adding the vinyl and etching I clean the jar.  I also use rubbing alcohol to remove any oil or residue so that the vinyl will adhere and the etching creme will work best. 

Here is a photo with the etching creme I put it on really thick and let it sit for 15 mins. 

Here it is with this side completed.  I usually take much better photos but, for some reason just could not get a good photo.  It really turned out so much better than the photo shows.

This side is for being the Chief of Police wife.  The other side will represent being a mom of a Navy Chief.

 For this I etched a Navy anchor and then etched the words USN at the top of the anchor and at the bottom I etched Chief's Mom.  Being a wife of a retired Navy Seabee Builder Chief I really liked this one.   

Then my husband drilled a hole in a canning lid and added a grommet.  Forgot to take a photo of this but, here is a link along with photos to show how we did this.

I have to say these were my most challenging to do but, so very pleased with how they turned out especially the badge side of the glasses.

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