Friday, January 9, 2015

Etched Beer Glass

My friend asked me to etch a beer mug with a police badge, for her brother in law who is the chief of police.  She sent me a photo of his badge, I had trouble tracing it. Then I found online a photo of the city's police car with the badge and that along with the photo she sent I was able to create his badge.

First thing I do was trace the photo in my Silhouette Cameo program. Then I put the words for the badge on the photo. With etching you need to remove just the opposite than you would for doing vinyl.  Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what stays and what goes.

It took a few tries but, my husband and I finally got it.  Here is a photo of it cut out in vinyl and weeded.  It is on the glass and ready to be etched.  Before placing the vinyl on the glass it was cleaned and then I put rubbing alcohol on it to remove any oils or residue. This helps the vinyl stick and the etching creme work better.
  Make sure to tape the area off really good to protect the area that is not being etched.
I did not take a photo of the etching creme on the mug.  I used Armor etching creme. I left it on for 15 mins.

The photos does not do it justice, my husband and I were so thrilled with how it turned out.

On the back his name and the date he made chief was put on the glass.  I prefer not to post his full name and date that he was promoted for privacy reasons.

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