Monday, January 19, 2015

Decorated Mason Jar

I have a bunch of Mason jars and I decided to create this design and cut it out in pink.  I Googled the love sign and just traced it in Silhouette then added hearts and welded them all together. Then I cut it out in pink vinyl.

I plan on putting some Valentine's M&M's candy in the jar but, until I get some I took some red tulle and placed it in the jar.  The I took some pink tulle and put it on top the lid and tied it around and made a little pink bow.  I do like it the way it is but, I think the colored candy would be nice too.

While at the Dollar Tree I found these table scatters in the shape of hearts. So I picked up two red packs and one pink.  Now, instead of putting Valentine's colored M&M's candy I just used this.

I did a layer of red then pink and finished with red.

Here is a side view, I really like this, it can store just as is.

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