Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas shirts for Granddaughter's

I made something using printable heat transfer material and I added an elf part to it so that none of the material was wasted.  I had planned on putting it on a shirt for me but, it just did not look right and it was not for me. Then I remembered I had some onesis in my granddaughter's sizes so I made another design and ironed them on the shirts.  Problem was I did a double cut but, I should have went ahead and had it do it again.  I ended up having to cut out the design myself and it was very time consuming.  I added the words Merry Christmas but, tried cutting it out but, it was a mess.  I still have one so I may try again.

I did get the design cut out but, not as good as I would like but, it is for my granddaughter and she will not mind at all.

So here are the two shirts I have made using a print and cut vinyl.  I just need to work on getting it to cut cleaner and better.  The elf one is for our four month old Granddaughter.  The moose one is for her 17month old sister.

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