Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas countdown plate.

I have seen different Christmas countdown plates, and I wanted to do one for my Granddaughter's. I did not want the entire plate covered in chalkboard.  So I covered an area to put the chalkboard on. When I sprayed the area, the stencil was not sealed good and it did not come out right. Then I put a bigger piece of vinyl on to repaint and fix the error.

In the process of doing this, I ended up making a bigger mess and pulled the red glitter paint off.
Here is a photo of the plate with the mess.

I then decided to paint the entire center of the plate instead of spray painting it.  Well, the paint did not adhere to the plate and I really did not like the entire plate as a chalkboard.  So I washed the paint off and above is what I had under the paint.

My darling husband took and carefully scraped off the paint and made it as smooth as possible. Then he had me cut out a circle to cover the mistake up.

Here is the end result.  I am so very happy how this turned out, after the trial and error. I had read somewhere that you need to treat the chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over it then wipe it off so when you mark on it there is not a ghost imprint.  So I made sure to do that then I put a number on there to see if it would be completely gone when erased and it was.  The chalkboard has some bumps on it but, the plate was saved and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Since it is for my Granddaughter's I decided to add a little something to the back.

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