Monday, November 24, 2014

Bedroom wall sign

I have had the sign Always Kiss Me Goodnight on the wall for sometime.  It was purchased from the Dollar Tree.  It was just a cheap stick on before I had the Silhouette Cameo.  I recently purchased the Samantha Upright PRO and thought it would be a wonderful font to re-make this saying in vinyl.

I picked out the colors I wanted and I measured the width and length above the door frame so that words would not be too big.  The first time I printed the words they were too big.  So I did it again and I liked how it came out so I cut it out and then it sat with the printed words still taped to the wall with painters tape along with the designs that will be at the end and middle.

So today, between cleaning I decided to go ahead and cut out the designs that will be on the ends and the middle.  Then I took everything and put it in my room along with scissors and transfer tape. Everything was weeded and ready to go.  I just asked my hubby to put it up for me that way it was up there correctly with equal balance side to side and top to bottom. 

It did not take him long and it is finally up it looks so good I am so happy with it and that it is up.
Stood on my bed to get all the words, took a few photos with and without the flash.  Here are two of them.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas countdown plate.

I have seen different Christmas countdown plates, and I wanted to do one for my Granddaughter's. I did not want the entire plate covered in chalkboard.  So I covered an area to put the chalkboard on. When I sprayed the area, the stencil was not sealed good and it did not come out right. Then I put a bigger piece of vinyl on to repaint and fix the error.

In the process of doing this, I ended up making a bigger mess and pulled the red glitter paint off.
Here is a photo of the plate with the mess.

I then decided to paint the entire center of the plate instead of spray painting it.  Well, the paint did not adhere to the plate and I really did not like the entire plate as a chalkboard.  So I washed the paint off and above is what I had under the paint.

My darling husband took and carefully scraped off the paint and made it as smooth as possible. Then he had me cut out a circle to cover the mistake up.

Here is the end result.  I am so very happy how this turned out, after the trial and error. I had read somewhere that you need to treat the chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over it then wipe it off so when you mark on it there is not a ghost imprint.  So I made sure to do that then I put a number on there to see if it would be completely gone when erased and it was.  The chalkboard has some bumps on it but, the plate was saved and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Since it is for my Granddaughter's I decided to add a little something to the back.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dollar Tree Cups

Found these blue cups at the Dollar Tree and picked some up.  Then I found this cute plastic Mason style cup with snowflakes on it and thought it was a better size for my granddaughter.

Here is what I did with one of the blue cups, I made this for my daughter just for fun, she is an adult in the Navy but, I know she will like this cup.

Here is the plastic Mason one that I just added the Miss J to it.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Etched Wine Bottle.

A local restaurant that my husband and I frequent, was kind enough to save me some wine and liquor bottle.  I took one of the green wine bottles and etched a split letter B and the restaurant's name.  With my husband's help it was weeded and then lined up on the wine bottle.

It also had a cork with it, my husband cut the cork length wise so that air can still get in and the cork is there as decoration.

Then I found some lights at the Dollar Tree since the bottle is green it will not matter that it has green wire.  So happy how this turned out cannot wait to deliver it to the restaurant.

Decorated Liquor Bottle

I had seen in one of my Facebook groups a simple but, pretty way to decorate a wine bottle.  A restaurant that my husband and I go to often collected some bottles for me.  To thank the young lady that saved them I made her a little something.

This was done by putting red glitter mesh in the bottle then I put a half a cork in the top.
From there I cut out a Christmas tree in green vinyl then I added a yellow vinyl star over the top of the tree.

I purchased the burlap flower and added the fabric flower to the center.
The burlap flower had a wire twist tie but, it was not long enough for the bottle.  So I glued some twine to the back of the flower and I twisted the wire tie and the twine together.

The bow seemed to slip, so I put hot glue on the center of the bottle and pressed the flower down. I then tied the twine and placed hot glue all around the twine.  Was not really pleased with the end result so I took some red ribbon that has snowflakes on it.

I add some hot glue over the twine and then placed the ribbon over it I like how it looks now.

Here is another photo with the light from my kitchen window.

The recipient of this wine bottle, she really liked it.  This made my day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cookies and Milk for Santa

I have seen different cookies and milk for Santa and wanted to make one for my G-Babies.  Knowing that the charger plates and vinyl are both not food safe I decided to get a clear plate and put the vinyl on the back of the plate so that the vinyl does not touch the cookies or carrots.

I used a candle plate from Michael's I had a 50% off coupon and it is 10.5 inches it is also heavy.
For the milk I used a Starbucks frappuccino bottle.

I asked my daughter if she wanted the carrots for the reindeer added and she said she did and here is the end result. Cannot wait until my daughter gets them. 

I felt the bottle needed something more. So I added some washi tape to the top.  It was done in red and white first but, it looked more pink and just did not look good.  I then added some snowflakes, since the snowflakes are light blue I decided to use blue washi tape.  I then added to snowflakes to the plate.  Below is different views of the bottle I put some white paper in the bottle so it would show up better.

Below is a photo of the plate and then with the bottle and plate together.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Tile

I love this Santa design, so I decided to place it on a 6x6 white ceramic tile for my daughter.
Since the tile is white I only had to cut it out in the color vinyl I wanted and the words would show up just fine.  Love how this turned out cannot wait until my daughter gets this.


Christmas Decorated Plate

Found this design at the Silhouette store and really liked it thought it would look cool on a green charger plate that I had purchased last year.  It had a lot of little pieces to weed out. First try I was in too big of a hurry and the vinyl ended up sticking to itself.

The second time I got it off and weeded with no problem. Then I was on the phone with my daughter and I just looked at it and felt it was on the plate straight but, it was off and you could not read the words.  So I ended up taking it off.  Lucky for me it was not hard to take off for it did not cure yet.

Here is what it looked like.  I had added snowflakes to the rim thinking that would work but, still did not like it and of course it was not centered.

The plan was to put white vinyl behind the middle so the words would show and the star would be white.  My husband and I thought the windows needed to be seen also so I tried to do different things to just have the center white but, could not get it lined up correctly. 

So I just decided to put a oval behind the pattern and cut it out in white then place the design on top of the white vinyl.    Here is the end result, I think it has too many snowflakes and maybe too much white but, my husband really likes it and it is for us.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Car Decal

A family friend asked me if I could make a Walking Dead  car decal.  It took me a while to get it done the way I needed it then I needed to order some outdoor white vinyl.  But, I finally did it and sent her a photo.  She was so very happy with it.  I have since mailed it off and she is very pleased with it.  She will be sending me a photo once it is on the car.  But, here it is before I mailed it off to her.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nothing is safe from vinyl.

The other day, I found my old cutting board, I have not used it since I have a new one with the nice corners on it.  But, it of course was plain so I wanted to put vinyl on it.  It seems I put vinyl on everything.  Told my husband do not sit still for two long or he may end up with vinyl on him.

This design is a combination of two designs that I had.  I liked the shape of the letters in one and the skull in the other.  Once I had it on the transfer tape I just eyeballed it and then I put some marks on  the side so I could kind of set it on there straight. 

It was mirrored and put on the back so that it shows through and can still be used as a cutting board.

New Yoga Shirt

I am supposed to be working on something else but, got up this morning and found this file and I decided what I was going to finally put on a black T-shirt that I had for a while.

Here is the front of my new yoga shirt.  When I did this I had it where I felt I wanted it but, did not notice that the word meditate was not centered.  My husband said to put an exclamation point but, I had the OM symbol from another project. 

I had already planned on putting the Namaste  on the back that was from another project.  So having the OM symbol on the front in white just pulled it all together.

Decorating inside my Silhouette

I did this design on my entry way mirror.  It was the first vinyl sign I did.  The other day I was working on something and I remembered I still had this so I pulled it up and made it smaller and I put it on the inside lid of my Silhouette Cameo.  I put it in red and it really stands out so I can see it. I then got ride of the sticky not on my computer this I will see when setting up my cameo to cut.