Friday, September 5, 2014

Square 1 Printable Iron on

I am learning more and more on how to use different products with the Silhouette Cameo But, I still have a long ways to go.  So I used the Square 1 Heat Transfer material before and I really liked it.  The only problem I had was each letter was cut out and they moved when I ironed them on.

I was making two baby shirts and I needed them to be done quickly with no issues.  I was a little lazy and instead of cutting each letter out I just put squares and rectangles around the words.  I really should have cut each letter out or at lest figured out a way to have them line up and not move when I ironed them on.

I am going to work on how to cut the word out together not each letter so they will stay straight and together. Even through they are cut out with square shapes and rectangles I still love the different colors on them and how they look.

I made these baby shirts for my grand babies.  My daughter has a 13 month old daughter and she recently gave birth to another little girl.  I had posted about my Grampy 2.0 and G-Ma 2.0 shirts so I made the girls shirts that read G-Baby 1.0 and G-Baby 2.0  Love the color and how easy it was to apply but, I do wish I would have cut everything out instead of the squares and rectangles.

Here are a couple photos with me, my granddaughters and my daughter.  I am wearing my G-Ma 2.0 shirt, I love how it turned out using Siser Easy Weed Bubblegum color and I cut the words out of the heart. How I did that is in an earlier post.

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