Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Second Granddaughter's foot print ornament.

Last year I found a way to put my granddaughter's foot prints on an ornament.  Here is a link to the original post.

My daughter recently had her second daughter and I had made the foot print canvas for her just like I did for her sister.  It seems with me traveling to Virginia twice in a short time frame the month of August and September went by so fast.  Before time got the best of me I went ahead and did my second granddaughter's foot print ornament.  Unlike the first time I took photos of each step along the way.

I printed using 4x6 glossy photo paper and my Cannon MX452 color printer and it worked perfectly. Here is the link to where I learned of this process:

1. Cut your photo to a small square, I kept it printed in color.

2. Cover the photo with clear packing tape.  cover the paper completely, you can overlap the paper but, do not fold excess over the edge.  Trim the edges so you have a nice smooth look. Smooth out any air bubbles.

3.  Place photo in a small bowl of water and let it soak.  Once the paper has soaked you should be able to rub the paper off, just do not rub to hard or you may take off the ink.
 4. Once the paper was off the photo I let it air dry on a piece of wax paper.
5. Then take your ornament and put mop and glow inside gentle swirl it around and then pour out the excess. I used the large M&M style ornament.

6. I poured the excess back into the bottle and I let it sit there to drain it all out.  I tip it so that it gets the excess that is sitting on the rim.
7. Then pick out your fine glitter color and put in your ornament swirl to cover the inside of the ornament completely. 
8. Pour out the excess glitter and save for another project. I pour it into a small paper cup.
 9. I have a funnel that I use to put the excess glitter back.
10. Take the ornament and put mod podge where you would like the photo to go.  I trimmed the feet so they would fit better.  I then mod podge over the top just to give it a good seal.  I let it dry then I took a paper towel and hot water and wiped around the ornament and photo.

11. Finishing step I took my Silhouette Cameo and on the back in pink vinyl I added First Christmas and the year and on the front above her feet I added her name.

12. I glued ribbon around the cap, it is the same ribbon I will use for hanging the ornament. I also read somewhere about the caps coming off and scraping up the glitter.  It was recommended to use E-6000 glue on the cap and glue it to the ornament.  So I did that after I glued the ribbon.

The ribbon is the same one I used for her big sister, it is actually ribbon that was used for my daughter's first baby shower.
 Here is the end result front and back.

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