Sunday, September 28, 2014

Outdoor Flag.

So I purchased these beautiful outdoor flags but, I just did not know what to do with them and I wanted to make some as gifts.  But, before I did that I wanted to make one for my yard.  I have already hung up my Fall wreath that I made last year.  My planters have their Fall flowers in them, they are fabric flowers stuck in a half of a foam green ball and then just placed in the planter.  I like flowers by the front door but, I get busy and forget to water them.  Last year I came up with this idea and I just love how easy it is and how nice I think it looks.

I had my husband pick out what flag he wanted me to decorate then I finally figured out what to put on it.  Once it was done I had planned on putting it in the yard by the front door, then I decided to put it in the planter with the flowers. It was raining when I took the photos but, I am very pleased how it looks.

The design came from the Silhouette store and I just cut it out in vinyl.  The word Fall is in a dark brown it looks like black but, it is brown.  Inside the wreath is a wooden sign that reads Harvest Blessing. with some pumpkins.

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