Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween Shadow Box

So I decided I would go ahead and keep the (4) 5x7 shadow boxes.  Then I thought I would try and make a Halloween shadow box for my dinning room table.

The background is a photo of scrap paper I found Online I just printed it out on some 8.5x11 textured paper.

1. Take the backing off the shadow box.
2. Cut the scrap paper to fit in the box for the background. 
3. Put the back cover back on the box.
4. Clean the glass inside and out with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
5. Place the vinyl on the front of the box.  I placed my vinyl about an inch above the bottom so the background and the house look balanced and belong together.
6. Then I added the words happy Halloween. which I already had in my Silhouette library. I did not like that the words are not capitalized but, I could not figure out how I could fix that.  I did cut the black bat off the word Halloween since I cut out the word in orange. The y in happy is crocked even after I tried to fix it.  But, this was for me so all and all I am happy with it.

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