Friday, September 5, 2014

Fixing HTV

I have not had any issues with the Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Material.  But, recently one of the shirts that I had made for myself started to peel.  When I was at my daughter's home I seen a shirt I had done for her and it was lifting up.

I read somewhere that you could repress the design and it should work.  So today, I put my anchor shirt on and I noticed it was really coming up.  I thought I would try and fix this.  The first thing I did was iron the inside of the shirt, I put a piece of tile under the material so that it would not attach it self to the other side of the shirt.  It is hard to see but, this is the inside of the shirt and I pressed the design down.

Below is a photo showing the design and the tile.
Once it was heated I took the shirt and turned it right side out and placed the tile between the material and under the design.  Then I covered the design with a cotton hankie and pressed it down.

It worked perfectly and the design has been reattached to the design.
I am going to let me daughter know how well this worked so she can fix her shirt.

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