Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Shadow Box

I purchased a 4 pack of 5x7 shadow boxes when I got home I felt they were just too small.  Lucky for me I went back when the boxes were still on sale.  I got a 3 pack of 8x10 which worked out perfectly.

Did not return the 4 pack of 5x7's so I may use them or take them back later.

I had some raffia from another decoration that I was not using.  So I did not have to purchase any.
For the back I went Online and found a photo of some wood and then I printed it out on heavy card stock.  Below are the steps I took to make the shadow box.

1. Take the backing off the shadow box.
2. Fill the bottom with cut raffia.  My pieces were around 2 inches long.
3. Cut the wood paper to fit in the box for the background. 
4. Put the back cover back on the box.
5. Clean the glass inside and out with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
6. Place the vinyl on the front of the box.  I placed my vinyl about an inch above the bottom so it looks like they are in the hay. 

The manger was supposed to be the the right and the words to the upper left but, when I placed the manger I put it in the center in doing so the words would not fit on the upper left so I placed them going across the top.  Problem was there was not room for my star, then I thought I would place the star at the top of the manger inside the glass so that it looks like it is shinning out of the manger.

Here is the end result, I am happy with it especially since it is my first shadow box. I put the words in a dark navy blue color to be like the dark sky and the I did the star in white.

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