Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Dollar Tree Cutting Board.

I have a few of the Dollar Tree small cutting boards and I asked a friend if she wanted one and if so what would she like on it.  She sent me a photo and I went from there. I had a coffee cup in my Silhouette library that I thought would be perfect for this.

I cut out the saying and the cup in a maroon color then I cut out a second set of the steam hearts in pink and the heart in the center of the cup in pink.  I mirrored the entire design and placed it on the back of the cutting board.

I cut the maroon steam hearts off the cup and placed the pink ones on it.  Then I took the maroon ones and placed them back on but, slightly to the side.

From there I placed the pink vinyl heart for the cup inside the cut out of the heart.

I really like how this turned out.  My friend has not received it but, seen a photo and is very happy with it.  The cup seems to be a little off but, I placed it so that it would be just above the words good and days.

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