Sunday, September 28, 2014

Outdoor Flag.

So I purchased these beautiful outdoor flags but, I just did not know what to do with them and I wanted to make some as gifts.  But, before I did that I wanted to make one for my yard.  I have already hung up my Fall wreath that I made last year.  My planters have their Fall flowers in them, they are fabric flowers stuck in a half of a foam green ball and then just placed in the planter.  I like flowers by the front door but, I get busy and forget to water them.  Last year I came up with this idea and I just love how easy it is and how nice I think it looks.

I had my husband pick out what flag he wanted me to decorate then I finally figured out what to put on it.  Once it was done I had planned on putting it in the yard by the front door, then I decided to put it in the planter with the flowers. It was raining when I took the photos but, I am very pleased how it looks.

The design came from the Silhouette store and I just cut it out in vinyl.  The word Fall is in a dark brown it looks like black but, it is brown.  Inside the wreath is a wooden sign that reads Harvest Blessing. with some pumpkins.

Halloween Shadow Box

So I decided I would go ahead and keep the (4) 5x7 shadow boxes.  Then I thought I would try and make a Halloween shadow box for my dinning room table.

The background is a photo of scrap paper I found Online I just printed it out on some 8.5x11 textured paper.

1. Take the backing off the shadow box.
2. Cut the scrap paper to fit in the box for the background. 
3. Put the back cover back on the box.
4. Clean the glass inside and out with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
5. Place the vinyl on the front of the box.  I placed my vinyl about an inch above the bottom so the background and the house look balanced and belong together.
6. Then I added the words happy Halloween. which I already had in my Silhouette library. I did not like that the words are not capitalized but, I could not figure out how I could fix that.  I did cut the black bat off the word Halloween since I cut out the word in orange. The y in happy is crocked even after I tried to fix it.  But, this was for me so all and all I am happy with it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Shadow Box

I purchased a 4 pack of 5x7 shadow boxes when I got home I felt they were just too small.  Lucky for me I went back when the boxes were still on sale.  I got a 3 pack of 8x10 which worked out perfectly.

Did not return the 4 pack of 5x7's so I may use them or take them back later.

I had some raffia from another decoration that I was not using.  So I did not have to purchase any.
For the back I went Online and found a photo of some wood and then I printed it out on heavy card stock.  Below are the steps I took to make the shadow box.

1. Take the backing off the shadow box.
2. Fill the bottom with cut raffia.  My pieces were around 2 inches long.
3. Cut the wood paper to fit in the box for the background. 
4. Put the back cover back on the box.
5. Clean the glass inside and out with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
6. Place the vinyl on the front of the box.  I placed my vinyl about an inch above the bottom so it looks like they are in the hay. 

The manger was supposed to be the the right and the words to the upper left but, when I placed the manger I put it in the center in doing so the words would not fit on the upper left so I placed them going across the top.  Problem was there was not room for my star, then I thought I would place the star at the top of the manger inside the glass so that it looks like it is shinning out of the manger.

Here is the end result, I am happy with it especially since it is my first shadow box. I put the words in a dark navy blue color to be like the dark sky and the I did the star in white.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Second Granddaughter's foot print ornament.

Last year I found a way to put my granddaughter's foot prints on an ornament.  Here is a link to the original post.

My daughter recently had her second daughter and I had made the foot print canvas for her just like I did for her sister.  It seems with me traveling to Virginia twice in a short time frame the month of August and September went by so fast.  Before time got the best of me I went ahead and did my second granddaughter's foot print ornament.  Unlike the first time I took photos of each step along the way.

I printed using 4x6 glossy photo paper and my Cannon MX452 color printer and it worked perfectly. Here is the link to where I learned of this process:

1. Cut your photo to a small square, I kept it printed in color.

2. Cover the photo with clear packing tape.  cover the paper completely, you can overlap the paper but, do not fold excess over the edge.  Trim the edges so you have a nice smooth look. Smooth out any air bubbles.

3.  Place photo in a small bowl of water and let it soak.  Once the paper has soaked you should be able to rub the paper off, just do not rub to hard or you may take off the ink.
 4. Once the paper was off the photo I let it air dry on a piece of wax paper.
5. Then take your ornament and put mop and glow inside gentle swirl it around and then pour out the excess. I used the large M&M style ornament.

6. I poured the excess back into the bottle and I let it sit there to drain it all out.  I tip it so that it gets the excess that is sitting on the rim.
7. Then pick out your fine glitter color and put in your ornament swirl to cover the inside of the ornament completely. 
8. Pour out the excess glitter and save for another project. I pour it into a small paper cup.
 9. I have a funnel that I use to put the excess glitter back.
10. Take the ornament and put mod podge where you would like the photo to go.  I trimmed the feet so they would fit better.  I then mod podge over the top just to give it a good seal.  I let it dry then I took a paper towel and hot water and wiped around the ornament and photo.

11. Finishing step I took my Silhouette Cameo and on the back in pink vinyl I added First Christmas and the year and on the front above her feet I added her name.

12. I glued ribbon around the cap, it is the same ribbon I will use for hanging the ornament. I also read somewhere about the caps coming off and scraping up the glitter.  It was recommended to use E-6000 glue on the cap and glue it to the ornament.  So I did that after I glued the ribbon.

The ribbon is the same one I used for her big sister, it is actually ribbon that was used for my daughter's first baby shower.
 Here is the end result front and back.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Printable Burlap Fall Sign

So I purchased a 3 pack of printable burlap from Wal-Mart.  I have had it for a little while and I was not sure what I was going to use it for.  Then I seen this cute Fall saying in the Silhouette store.

Then in the Silhouette program I filled in all the colors just as I wanted it.  I printed it out but, I was not happy with it at all it was too light and it was hard to read.  So I opened it back up in the Silhouette program and I highlighted the phrase and I went to the line style window and thickened up the line, I think to 1.75.

Thought I would take a chance and run it back through the printer and it lined up perfectly.  Only problem at the last minute I turned on the registration marks. Which messed up the entire thing, instead of printing another one I tried placing acorns on the marks that really did not work.

Then I cut the burlap so that it would fit in an 8x10 frame.  I never even thought about using a certificate frame, which just happens to be 8.5 x 11.  Someone on Facebook Silhouette for beginners mentioned the certificate frame.

 I already had to go to get some groceries so while there I picked up some certificate frames and some more printable burlap.  The printable burlap only cost $2.97 for a pack of three.

Below is the one I re-printed and had put the registration marks on it.

I just could not leave it like that so I finally, just printed another one.  Then I decorated my dinning room table for Fall.  Here is the sign all set up and in the frame.

Here is the table at different angles, the fall place mats my Granny made for me years ago and I treasure them, she is no longer with us and this just makes me smile when I see them and think of her.

Here is the material I used to do the phrase on the burlap. It is printable burlap.
Below is a link to Wal-Mart to purchase it, or to see what it is.

Dollar Tree Soap Dispensers

I have seen many decorated liquid soap dispensers and I wanted to decorate one.  I had one already but, for the life of me I could not get the label off and it was all scratched up.  So when I was at the Dollar Tree I found a good size one and thought it would be perfect.

I seen where many people are using transparencies and printing on them and then placing them inside the dispensers.  That just seemed like a mess that I would make.  So I of course was going to use my Silhouette and vinyl and decorate the outside.

First I pulled the label off with no problem but, it of course left a sticky residue.  I put nail polish remover on it and it did not work.  I used rubbing alcohol and that did not work.  Did not have any Goo be gone.  Then I remembered reading that peanut butter will work.  I was more than a little skeptical but, tried anyway.

I only had crunchy but, I tried it and it worked like magic.  Has to be the oil in the peanut butter.  Either way it all came off and it was clean and smooth.  

I waited a couple days to decorate it, I needed to find the right saying and measure to get the right fit.  Just before applying the vinyl I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol so that it was nice and clean.

This morning I found the saying and I had the measurement just right, then at the last minute I made it a little bigger.  I should have left it as it was for it would have fit in the shape better.

Since it is for my kitchen and I like it that is all that matters.  Below is my finished product.  I do like the size of the dispenser there is more room to decorate than the smaller ones.  I just need to make the design a little smaller.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl then I used Dollar Tree contact paper to transfer to the dispenser.  I had a hard time figuring out what color vinyl I wanted to use.  With the blue colored soap I wanted something that could be seen really good so that is why I went with the white.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Dollar Tree Cutting Board.

I have a few of the Dollar Tree small cutting boards and I asked a friend if she wanted one and if so what would she like on it.  She sent me a photo and I went from there. I had a coffee cup in my Silhouette library that I thought would be perfect for this.

I cut out the saying and the cup in a maroon color then I cut out a second set of the steam hearts in pink and the heart in the center of the cup in pink.  I mirrored the entire design and placed it on the back of the cutting board.

I cut the maroon steam hearts off the cup and placed the pink ones on it.  Then I took the maroon ones and placed them back on but, slightly to the side.

From there I placed the pink vinyl heart for the cup inside the cut out of the heart.

I really like how this turned out.  My friend has not received it but, seen a photo and is very happy with it.  The cup seems to be a little off but, I placed it so that it would be just above the words good and days.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Printable Iron on

I live in South MS and my friends and both my kids are Saints fans.  I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  The San Francisco Forty Niners are my team.  We are heading out to a friends house to watch the Saints game.  We picked up some new chairs and I decided I was going to decorate my chair before we went.

So I printed out a 49ers logo and helmet and then I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut around the design. It was not set right or something anyway it did not cut all the way through.  So I just took a pair of sissors and cut around the shape. 

The I placed a piece of tile under the chair and material and I quickly pressed the designs on my chair.  The logo is on the front of the chair and the helmet is on the back.

I was given a hard time about this but, it was all in fun.  I do love how it turned out. Ignore that the iron on looks wrinkled that is not the material itself it is from being squished in the trunk.  Also ignore the dirt on the chair. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fixing HTV

I have not had any issues with the Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Material.  But, recently one of the shirts that I had made for myself started to peel.  When I was at my daughter's home I seen a shirt I had done for her and it was lifting up.

I read somewhere that you could repress the design and it should work.  So today, I put my anchor shirt on and I noticed it was really coming up.  I thought I would try and fix this.  The first thing I did was iron the inside of the shirt, I put a piece of tile under the material so that it would not attach it self to the other side of the shirt.  It is hard to see but, this is the inside of the shirt and I pressed the design down.

Below is a photo showing the design and the tile.
Once it was heated I took the shirt and turned it right side out and placed the tile between the material and under the design.  Then I covered the design with a cotton hankie and pressed it down.

It worked perfectly and the design has been reattached to the design.
I am going to let me daughter know how well this worked so she can fix her shirt.

Square 1 Printable Iron on

I am learning more and more on how to use different products with the Silhouette Cameo But, I still have a long ways to go.  So I used the Square 1 Heat Transfer material before and I really liked it.  The only problem I had was each letter was cut out and they moved when I ironed them on.

I was making two baby shirts and I needed them to be done quickly with no issues.  I was a little lazy and instead of cutting each letter out I just put squares and rectangles around the words.  I really should have cut each letter out or at lest figured out a way to have them line up and not move when I ironed them on.

I am going to work on how to cut the word out together not each letter so they will stay straight and together. Even through they are cut out with square shapes and rectangles I still love the different colors on them and how they look.

I made these baby shirts for my grand babies.  My daughter has a 13 month old daughter and she recently gave birth to another little girl.  I had posted about my Grampy 2.0 and G-Ma 2.0 shirts so I made the girls shirts that read G-Baby 1.0 and G-Baby 2.0  Love the color and how easy it was to apply but, I do wish I would have cut everything out instead of the squares and rectangles.

Here are a couple photos with me, my granddaughters and my daughter.  I am wearing my G-Ma 2.0 shirt, I love how it turned out using Siser Easy Weed Bubblegum color and I cut the words out of the heart. How I did that is in an earlier post.