Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vinyl & Slate Birth sign.

I had purchased two slates that I had purchased at Michael's.  I tried doing a chalkboard sign and that did not work out at all.  Here is the link to how my husband made a hanger for the slate sign.

Then here is the link on how I did the first sign for our first granddaughter.

Lucky for me I already had the slate with the wire hanger ready for me to decorate.  I wanted to do it differently than her sister's.  Here is the slate all ready to go. I roughed it up with sandpaper just a little thought it would help the vinyl stick.

My first granddaughter's was pink so I did lavender, well I did not line it up right and the entire thing was crooked.  I cut it out again and this time my husband and I picked a purple.  Problem was it was too dark and you could not read it.

So I took it off and cut it one more time, this time we picked a nice yellow color.  Loved how it looks.

Then I added some light green trim.  I did not have the right color flowers so instead I glued some green rocks on the corners.  I took some sandpaper to the back of the rocks and I glued then using E-6000 glue.  Here is the end result.

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