Saturday, August 23, 2014

Second Baby Girl

Last year my daughter had her first baby a little girl.  We painted her feet pink and put it on canvas. 
Well, now it is  August 2014 and our daughter has a new baby girl she was born on July 31st, 2014.

I recently went up and seen our new granddaughter and my daughter and I painted her feet purple and put them on canvas.  I just got finished doing my second granddaughter's photo and feet prints on canvas.

Here is the link to what I did the first time, it is the exact same steps, along with photos of each step. I forgot to do photos of everything but, I did do some photos.

Here is what materials I used:

(1) 8×10 White Canvas
(1) 4×6 Photo

Mod Podge
Application Brushes
This is the canvas before I added the photo.

Before applying the mod podge I taped around the edges and painted the edges the same color as the feet. 

Here are the steps I did .

1.  Apply an even layer of mod podge, to the canvas area where the photo will go and to the back of the photo.  I printed it using my Epson printer but, it did not work the ink started pulling off.

So I peeled off the photo and printed it out using my Cannon and it worked perfectly.
This is my daughter's finished canvas.  She plans on putting both of the canvas's above each of her
daughter's cribs.  

2. Add a layer of mod podge to the top of the photo to seal.  Since I had two canvases with her feet I went ahead and put mod podge on the entire canvas and it did not ruin the feet prints at all.  So the entire canvas was covered in mod podge.

The bottom one is for me and the top one is for my daughter.  

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