Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grampy & G- Ma shirts.

My husband and I recently became grandparents for the second time.  Hubby has been calling the grand kids G-babies 1.0 and 2.0.  Now, we are saying Grampy 2.0 and G-Ma 2.0.  I decided to make shirts with the Grampy 2.0 and G-Ma 2.0

Doing the Grampy 2.0 shirt was interesting I typed the words and curved it on a circle like my hubby wanted but, when I mirrored the image it went inside the circle.  So I released the compound then mirrored the image.  When I showed the cut lines it showed the circle cutting.  So I removed the circle and then I did a compound path so the letters were connected and still mirrored.

I first ironed the shirt, then I put a tile between the fabric, then I put the design down.
From there I covered the design with a cotton hanky.

I pressed down for 35 seconds and then lifted the transfer sheet off the design.
Hubby is very happy with how it came out.
Here is the one I did for myself. 

Pressed the shirt and put the tile between the fabric. Highest temp no steam.  Mirrored the image, and this time I curved the words onto a heart shape.  I had the heart cut out and the words cut out of the heart so the purple shirt shows through.  I mirrored the image and it lined up just right no issues since I was cutting out the heart.

Here it is all lined up where I want it.  The I just pressed with no steam for 35 seconds then I took the transfer sheet off.

Here is the end result.  Very happy with how both shirts turned out.  These were done using my Silhouette Cameo and Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Material. 

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