Sunday, August 24, 2014

Baby bank

Just finished making a bank for our second granddaughter.  Yesterday, I painted the block with glitter frost.

This morning after Mass I started decorating the block.  I glued a purple fabric flower. Then I looked through my ribbons and I found a pale yellow ribbon and a ribbon that is pink and purple with hearts and teddy bears on it.

When I first put the ribbons together it all was fine, until I looked at the back and the pattern was upside down.  So I untied the ribbon then I used cut the ribbon and flipped it over so that they are not upside down.  I then added perma stick material and stuck the yellow and bear ribbon together.  Where I cut it is on the bottom and it is all lined up.

Then I just tied it around the block.  I hot glued a purple flower to the top where I had tied the ribbon.
Here is the back of the bank showing the bears going in the upright position.

Then I glued on the sides some little flowers that I had.

When I did my first granddaughter's bank her name was attached from a gift that a friend gave her. With my second granddaughter I needed to design her name.  I used my silhouette cameo and I did and offset in yellow and then the front was done in pink.
Here is the end result.  with the ribbon having bears and hearts on it I did not think it needed anything else.  

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