Monday, August 25, 2014

Vinyl name on canvas

After making a foot prints canvas for our second granddaughter, I felt it needed her name on it.  There was plenty of room between my granddaughter's foot prints.   I was not sure if the vinyl would stick to the modge podge canvas.  I also wanted to put vinyl on the one I did for our first granddaughter.

I did an offset in a darker purple, then I did the top color in a lavender.  It fit perfectly between the foot prints.  But, the one I made for our first granddaughter there was not enough room between her prints without making the name a lot smaller so I put it at an angle on the side.  I made one for my daughter and I will put it on there when I go up for a visit.  So happy how they look and turned out, this one is for my daughter.

This one is mine.
This is the one I did for my first granddaughter. This one I did with a maroon offset and the top is in pink.

Once I get the name on the other canvas, I will post a photo to show how it looks.  Jaina's is already hanging above her crib now Tifa will have her's also.  Once I completed these I needed to find a place to put them.  I had my first granddaughter's just sitting on the window sill.  I just hung both of them up in my office.  Love how they look and turned out.

Here is the latest, I cut out the offset and the top part and left them on the backing, then I cut some contact paper the size I needed.  I put them all in an envelope and brought them to my daughter.  Funny thing is she was moving to a new place and we had planned on going to see it but, their key did not open the deadbolt.  So I sat outside and lined up the two pieces of vinyl on my lap.
Then I placed the contact paper over it.

I asked my daughter exactly where she wanted the name to go.  She picked it then I somehow manged to set it right where she wanted and I used a credit card and smoothed it all out and had it attach to the canvas.  Here is the end result, as you can see it fit in between the feet.

I am hoping for a photo showing the canvas above the girls cribs.

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