Monday, August 25, 2014

Vinyl name on canvas

After making a foot prints canvas for our second granddaughter, I felt it needed her name on it.  There was plenty of room between my granddaughter's foot prints.   I was not sure if the vinyl would stick to the modge podge canvas.  I also wanted to put vinyl on the one I did for our first granddaughter.

I did an offset in a darker purple, then I did the top color in a lavender.  It fit perfectly between the foot prints.  But, the one I made for our first granddaughter there was not enough room between her prints without making the name a lot smaller so I put it at an angle on the side.  I made one for my daughter and I will put it on there when I go up for a visit.  So happy how they look and turned out, this one is for my daughter.

This one is mine.
This is the one I did for my first granddaughter. This one I did with a maroon offset and the top is in pink.

Once I get the name on the other canvas, I will post a photo to show how it looks.  Jaina's is already hanging above her crib now Tifa will have her's also.  Once I completed these I needed to find a place to put them.  I had my first granddaughter's just sitting on the window sill.  I just hung both of them up in my office.  Love how they look and turned out.

Here is the latest, I cut out the offset and the top part and left them on the backing, then I cut some contact paper the size I needed.  I put them all in an envelope and brought them to my daughter.  Funny thing is she was moving to a new place and we had planned on going to see it but, their key did not open the deadbolt.  So I sat outside and lined up the two pieces of vinyl on my lap.
Then I placed the contact paper over it.

I asked my daughter exactly where she wanted the name to go.  She picked it then I somehow manged to set it right where she wanted and I used a credit card and smoothed it all out and had it attach to the canvas.  Here is the end result, as you can see it fit in between the feet.

I am hoping for a photo showing the canvas above the girls cribs.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grampy & G- Ma shirts.

My husband and I recently became grandparents for the second time.  Hubby has been calling the grand kids G-babies 1.0 and 2.0.  Now, we are saying Grampy 2.0 and G-Ma 2.0.  I decided to make shirts with the Grampy 2.0 and G-Ma 2.0

Doing the Grampy 2.0 shirt was interesting I typed the words and curved it on a circle like my hubby wanted but, when I mirrored the image it went inside the circle.  So I released the compound then mirrored the image.  When I showed the cut lines it showed the circle cutting.  So I removed the circle and then I did a compound path so the letters were connected and still mirrored.

I first ironed the shirt, then I put a tile between the fabric, then I put the design down.
From there I covered the design with a cotton hanky.

I pressed down for 35 seconds and then lifted the transfer sheet off the design.
Hubby is very happy with how it came out.
Here is the one I did for myself. 

Pressed the shirt and put the tile between the fabric. Highest temp no steam.  Mirrored the image, and this time I curved the words onto a heart shape.  I had the heart cut out and the words cut out of the heart so the purple shirt shows through.  I mirrored the image and it lined up just right no issues since I was cutting out the heart.

Here it is all lined up where I want it.  The I just pressed with no steam for 35 seconds then I took the transfer sheet off.

Here is the end result.  Very happy with how both shirts turned out.  These were done using my Silhouette Cameo and Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer Material. 

Vinyl & Slate Birth sign.

I had purchased two slates that I had purchased at Michael's.  I tried doing a chalkboard sign and that did not work out at all.  Here is the link to how my husband made a hanger for the slate sign.

Then here is the link on how I did the first sign for our first granddaughter.

Lucky for me I already had the slate with the wire hanger ready for me to decorate.  I wanted to do it differently than her sister's.  Here is the slate all ready to go. I roughed it up with sandpaper just a little thought it would help the vinyl stick.

My first granddaughter's was pink so I did lavender, well I did not line it up right and the entire thing was crooked.  I cut it out again and this time my husband and I picked a purple.  Problem was it was too dark and you could not read it.

So I took it off and cut it one more time, this time we picked a nice yellow color.  Loved how it looks.

Then I added some light green trim.  I did not have the right color flowers so instead I glued some green rocks on the corners.  I took some sandpaper to the back of the rocks and I glued then using E-6000 glue.  Here is the end result.

Baby bank

Just finished making a bank for our second granddaughter.  Yesterday, I painted the block with glitter frost.

This morning after Mass I started decorating the block.  I glued a purple fabric flower. Then I looked through my ribbons and I found a pale yellow ribbon and a ribbon that is pink and purple with hearts and teddy bears on it.

When I first put the ribbons together it all was fine, until I looked at the back and the pattern was upside down.  So I untied the ribbon then I used cut the ribbon and flipped it over so that they are not upside down.  I then added perma stick material and stuck the yellow and bear ribbon together.  Where I cut it is on the bottom and it is all lined up.

Then I just tied it around the block.  I hot glued a purple flower to the top where I had tied the ribbon.
Here is the back of the bank showing the bears going in the upright position.

Then I glued on the sides some little flowers that I had.

When I did my first granddaughter's bank her name was attached from a gift that a friend gave her. With my second granddaughter I needed to design her name.  I used my silhouette cameo and I did and offset in yellow and then the front was done in pink.
Here is the end result.  with the ribbon having bears and hearts on it I did not think it needed anything else.  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Second Baby Girl

Last year my daughter had her first baby a little girl.  We painted her feet pink and put it on canvas. 
Well, now it is  August 2014 and our daughter has a new baby girl she was born on July 31st, 2014.

I recently went up and seen our new granddaughter and my daughter and I painted her feet purple and put them on canvas.  I just got finished doing my second granddaughter's photo and feet prints on canvas.

Here is the link to what I did the first time, it is the exact same steps, along with photos of each step. I forgot to do photos of everything but, I did do some photos.

Here is what materials I used:

(1) 8×10 White Canvas
(1) 4×6 Photo

Mod Podge
Application Brushes
This is the canvas before I added the photo.

Before applying the mod podge I taped around the edges and painted the edges the same color as the feet. 

Here are the steps I did .

1.  Apply an even layer of mod podge, to the canvas area where the photo will go and to the back of the photo.  I printed it using my Epson printer but, it did not work the ink started pulling off.

So I peeled off the photo and printed it out using my Cannon and it worked perfectly.
This is my daughter's finished canvas.  She plans on putting both of the canvas's above each of her
daughter's cribs.  

2. Add a layer of mod podge to the top of the photo to seal.  Since I had two canvases with her feet I went ahead and put mod podge on the entire canvas and it did not ruin the feet prints at all.  So the entire canvas was covered in mod podge.

The bottom one is for me and the top one is for my daughter.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

G-Ma 2.0

Last year when I became a grandma I put on my car G-Ma!  I thought it would be cute to add 2.0 to the car.  So I cut the 2.0 out and I made a bigger exclamation point.  I love how it turned out.

Monday, August 11, 2014

First Vinyl Tiles

I have been wanting to do vinyl on tiles seen so many cool designs.  My husband and I was out doing errands and I we started looking at the tiles and we both thought the 12x12 were just too big.  We liked the 6x6 ones.  We picked up just two of the white high gloss ones. I had found two designs that I wanted to do, one was for my daughter and the other was for a friend of her's that took care of my granddaughter when my daughter went into labor.

This is the one I made for my daughter and it came off in one piece of vinyl and I just lined it up and placed it on the tile.  I did clean the tile with rubbing alcohol before applying the vinyl. She was so thrilled with this and I was so happy how it turned out.

Here is the one I made for her friend, I love how this also turned out.  I made them the day before I was due to fly out to VA to meet my new granddaughter.  I brought them on the plane with me and they made it safely.  I did not get to meet her friend she was sick so we just dropped it off. I had heard later how much she liked the gift.