Monday, July 14, 2014

Small Cutting Board

On a Facebook page I belong to for Silhouette users.  Someone had decorated a small cutting board, they purchased from the Dollar Tree.  It is 8 x 8 which is not too big but, many people came up with great ideas for it.

I already have a big cutting board and it has vinyl on it. I blogged instructions for the measurements and all to get it straight.

But, these smaller ones are so easy to do I just put the design I wanted as 7 x 7 and then mirrored the image and  weeded out the excess parts and put it on transfer paper.  I actually used Dollar Tree contact paper.

I cleaned the cutting board with alcohol and let it dry.  Then I placed the vinyl on the back and since it is mirrored it will show correctly on the other side.

 I just love how it turned out and it fits perfectly next to the coffee maker. I am using it to hold spoons and other small coffee stuff.

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