Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Updated Frappuccino bottles.

I seen on Pinterest, where this lady painted the inside of the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles.  She made them look like milk bottles.  Below is her website telling what she did.

First I cleaned the outside of the jars using a Mister Clean Magic Eraser.
Then my husband and I got some plastic cups and we cut the bottom off and put a slit in the side and cut part of the top off.  We then set this part inside a full cup.  This was to hold the jar up and let it completely drain all the excess paint out.

From here I added a little bit of white paint along with a small amount of water.

Then I set them outside to drain the excess and to dry.

Well, I live in South Mississippi and it is very hot.  The paint did not dry and the middle bottle the paint actually drained completely out.

I brought them inside and I poured more paint in.  I think I will be looking for another type of paint for this acrylic just would not adhere to the inside of the jar in a smooth pattern or dry.  I ended up going and getting a bigger jar and just pouring in a bunch more and rolling it all around trying to coat it.

I spray painted the lids black and the lids bubbled up due to being so hot outside, so glad this is being made for me.

Today, I cut out some light green vinyl and then I put yellow ribbons on the jars.  They are going in my kitchen which is yellow and Navy blue.  I want to do this again I just have to think of a better way to paint the inside of the jars.

Here the bottles are all set and ready for vinyl.


Now, for the finished project.

I know the vinyl could be darker but, I really wanted this color.  As much as I liked this color of vinyl, it just did not show up enough so I re-did the vinyl with a darker color and I am very pleased with how it looks.  Since it sits on top my cupboard it can now be seen.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ready To Pop

Today, my daughter is 38 weeks and 3 days, she lives in Hampton VA.
Her friends are giving her a ready to pop shower.  A couple weeks ago she seen a shirt online and asked if I could make it for her.  I was able to make it and get it sent to her in plenty of time for her shower.

I used the Square 1 material

Using my Silhouette Cameo I designed the shirt, then I printed it out using my Canon inkjet printer. From there I used the Cameo to cut the design out.  Using this material you do not have to mirror your image and you just iron straight on the shirt.

I used a simple iron on high heat and no steam.  I offset the words, after cutting the words out I put the offset down first and lightly pressed.  Then I put the top of the words on and pressed it down.

With my husband's help we lined up the popcorn so that it was popping out of the letter O in Pop.
Once everything was set we pressed everything using the iron on the highest setting and no steam. We used constant pressure and did not move the iron around.

So happy how this material worked it was easy and faster than doing layers.  Here is how it turned out. Found out after that my daughter's shower colors are pink and grey.  She will be having a little girl, she has a daughter who will be 13 months old on July 22nd.  She is due July 31st.

This shirt is a surprise to everyone at the shower so I am waiting for her to send me photos of her wearing the shirt then I know I can post this blog.

My daughter sent me a photo of her wearing the shirt.

Cup for a friend

In a group I belong to on Facebook someone uploaded a stethoscope pic.  Many are putting these on cups and then initials in the center.  I really liked that I did and I have a young lady that is in school studying to be a nurse that I thought would love this. 

I cut the stethoscope out in purple and then I put her initials in the center in pink.  Very happy with how it looked I liked it so much I sent her a photo.  Normally I just mail things out to surprise people but, I could not wait. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bucket for vinyl

I purchased some vinyl and I was laying it out flat so  that it would not ruin but, it was a pain to see what colors I have. So I found this bucket at the Dollar Tree and then I purchased some colored elastic hair ties.  I gently and loosely rolled the vinyl so it would not crease at all.  From there I easily slipped the hair ties on and put them in the bucket.  this is so nice and no marks. They unroll and lay flat on my Silhouette mat with no problems.  I have the ties attached to the bucket so they are ready when I need them.

I was looking at the bucket and of course I thought it needed something on it.  Before I knew it I was cutting this out and putting it on the bucket.  My husband just loved the idea.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vinyl Wine Glass

I picked up a wine glass at the Dollar Tree, then I purchased this beach saying from the Silhouette store.  I already had the flip flop.  I just needed to work with it to have the vinyl just be an outline and not the entire shoe filled in. With my hubby's help I got it, we made a duplicate of the shoe and then made it smaller.  From there we just cut out the outline and put it all together.  Love how it turned out.

This was a gift for my sister in law Diane who has a camper and goes to the beach every summer.
Here is the front of the glass.

Here is the back of the glass.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cutting board for glue gun

Someone on in the Silhouette group I belong to on Facebook mentioned using the smaller cutting boards for a glue gun.

So I picked up one to use next to the coffee and I wanted one for my glue guns.  It is just the right size to have.  I found a photo of a glue gun and traced it using my Silhouette Cameo and then I cut it out in bubble gum pink.

I made sure to mirror the image so that it would show in the direction I wanted from the other side.
Cleaned the board with rubbing alcohol and let it dry while I cut out my design.

Once the gun was on the board I thought it would be cool to put some words on it so I cut out the words packing heat in a nice light green color then I mirrored it and them placed on the board.

Now, I have a better place for my glue guns to sit.

Here it is with my two glue guns on the board, and yes I do own a pink glue gun. :) 

Small Cutting Board

On a Facebook page I belong to for Silhouette users.  Someone had decorated a small cutting board, they purchased from the Dollar Tree.  It is 8 x 8 which is not too big but, many people came up with great ideas for it.

I already have a big cutting board and it has vinyl on it. I blogged instructions for the measurements and all to get it straight.

But, these smaller ones are so easy to do I just put the design I wanted as 7 x 7 and then mirrored the image and  weeded out the excess parts and put it on transfer paper.  I actually used Dollar Tree contact paper.

I cleaned the cutting board with alcohol and let it dry.  Then I placed the vinyl on the back and since it is mirrored it will show correctly on the other side.

 I just love how it turned out and it fits perfectly next to the coffee maker. I am using it to hold spoons and other small coffee stuff.

Another Cup

After I made the cup for my hair dresser it dawned on me that my friend's daughter is a hair dresser so I asked her mom if she thought her daughter would like one.  She told me she would and then I had some colored cups and she picked the orange one since her daughter is an Oklahoma Thunder fan.  She also said that she likes to be a girly girl but, can also get dirty like the boys.  So I put some pink and purple vinyl on the cup.

Anchor on shirt

When I purchased this shirt, I wanted to put an anchor on the pocket.  I just thought it would dress the shirt up a little bit.  The shirt was on sale at Victoria's Secret and I normally wear a medium but, when I put it up to me it was huge.  I picked up a small and so happy I did for it was a perfect fit. 

I already had the anchor I just cut it out with my Silhouette Cameo.  I used HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) it is the Siser Easy Weed and it is just that easy to weed.

I measured the pocket then I made the anchor a little smaller so that it would sit in the center and not take up the entire pocket.

I just used a regular iron on highest setting and no steam.  I had a piece of tile under the shirt and I just pressed the iron no moving it around.

and here is the end  result.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Different Flip Flop Wreath.

So after I made my flip flop wreath, my daughter wanted one but, I wanted to do something a little different.  I had seen on Pinterest flip flops going up and down.  So I thought that would work easier and she would be able to store it better.

Since I have made my wreath, I have made three of this style.  Here is the steps I took to make this wreath. 

I found this website that gave instructions on how to cut foam using the Silhouette and it worked perfectly.

Here are the instructions for cutting foam using the Silhouette Cameo.

Things you need:
  1. Silhouette Cameo
  2. Cutting mat
  3. Craft foam
  4. Glue
Change the settings
  1. Blade on 10
  2. Heavy Card stock
  3. Cutting speed – 1
  4. Double cutting
You will find on my first post more information about using foam and the Silhouette Cameo.

Here is a photo of the shoes I picked for the last flip flop wreath.

First thing that you need to do is drill holes in the shoes.  This is used to thread the ribbon through the shoes.  My husband did this for me I do not mess with his power tools.

From there I measure the ribbon so there is enough to go through both sides.  From there I thread the ribbon through the shoes and I tie a knot along the way. 

Now I use my different colored foam and I cut out beach words and beach accessories and I hot glue them on the shoes.  I then add some different colored glass stones and sea shells.  

Here is a photo of the shoes in the process.

Here are photos up close of each shoe.

Now it is all completed and drying.
The first one is the one I made for my daughter and the second one is for another friend.