Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Print and Cut

I seen on the blog from Silhouette School DIY print and cut.  I had tried to do a print and cut once and it did not line up right.  Then I read the blog and other comments.  One said to make sure there is good light on the Silhouette so that it can read the registration marks.

After reading the blog I purchased the Square 1 Printable for vinyl and for shirts.  Tried the material for the shirts and it printed great but, it did not cut all the way. It did line up with no problem, I did have a good light right on it so I am sure that helped.  I re-read the blog and seen where I should have the blade set and the material.  Since it is thicker I did do a double cut and once I did that it worked out great. 

The bow needed something more so my husband and I decided to add the words Navy Brat, that is what Navy dependents are called. Our daughter was a Navy brat and now she is serving in the Navy and she has a 1 year old with another on the way so this is for her.

I had to do the Navy Brat twice since I had moved the material to take off the bow, the registration marks were read correctly but, the design was slightly off due to moving the material.

Here is a link to the blog:

Someone gave me the bow it had the word merica between the bow, I just took that off and then for the words I used Star Alphabet upper and lower case from the Silhouette store.

Here is the link for the material and they have it on sale right now.

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