Monday, June 2, 2014

My workout cup

I recently purchased a bunch of clear plastic cups from the Dollar Tree I wanted to make myself a cup but, was not sure what to put on it.  Then I seen this design in my Silhouette library.  The lines were a bit thin and I was having trouble with the offset working how I wanted.  Then I made the lines thicker but, not so thick that it would block the center of the letters.

From there I did a bigger offset so that it was nice space behind it. I tried it out with some scrape vinyl I had and I loved the way it turned out, so much so I almost used it for my project. The only reason I did not is I wanted these pastel colors. I just put the one I did as a test on the backing and will save for another project.

The background color is bubblegum pink and the front is lavender. The first photo was taken without the flash so it could be seen better that is why the color difference.

Here is my new workout cup.  I will fill this with water when I am working out and just to have around the house.  I am trying to drink more water having this cup filled up will help out.

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