Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dad's Birthday Card

My Dad's birthday is just after Father's day and since I made him a box card for Father's day I wanted to do something for his birthday.  I found a free card on It is a bendy card and something I had never done before.  I actually thought the words were cut out in one color and the card in another.  I tried a couple times to cut the card and my Silhouette Cameo would go in all kinds of directions and make some horrible noises.  I shut the whole system including computer down and left it alone until today.  Then I tried again and it did the same thing, I thought my Cameo was broken. Then I noticed the settings was not 12x12 but, A4 as soon as I changed the setting for 12x12 and put new paper on the mat it all worked perfectly.

The first one I made was just a test to see if it was going to work.  After the trouble I had I wanted to make sure. It worked and I was happy and ready to move on to the next one.

The next one I did, turned out pretty but, looked more for a woman than a man so I saved that one and did another one picking different colors.  I wanted to make the card pop so I put glue on the words. I just painted the glue on with a small paint brush.

Then I took some Navy blue glitter and sprinkled it all over the words.  I was able to take the excess and put it back in the bottle.
Once I put the card together it looked really good but, it seemed to be missing something.  My husband suggested that I put some balloons on it

I had a balloon with no string but, I also had some layered balloons.  I erased the balloons from the two different strings. Then I cut out the balloons. At first I had them coming out of the top of the card but, it did not look good then I put them on the side and group a large balloon with a small one.

To finish it off  I added Dad at the bottom using an offset for the red and then yellow letters sat on top. Here are some photos showing the different views. 

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