Sunday, May 18, 2014

Water bottles and coffee cups.

I have these two Navy Moms that I met when our children deployed on the USS Abraham Lincoln. One lady's son was with a squadron out of San Diego that was attached to the Lincoln. The other lady's son was attached to the Lincoln directly.  We have kept in touch and they are just very special to me.

So I wanted to do something for them, they both have a grandchild. I found these cute water bottles at the Dollar Tree and decided to decorate them for their grandchildren.

Then I picked up two coffee cups to decorate for them.  One friend has her Facebook profile pic as an anchor with a bible verse and when I seen that I thought that would be wonderful on a coffee cup.  I also added what her granddaughter calls her to the other side.

The other lady takes amazing photos and I thought a layered butterfly would be pretty.  I also put what her grandson calls her on the other side.  I later found out that the colors I picked are her favorite colors.  Neither of these wonderful ladies knew I was going to do this and that was the beauty of doing something and sending them out.


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