Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monkey Treat box

So I purchased this monkey treat box from the Silhouette store but, it did not have tabs to close the box it just folded in.  I posted in a silhouette group on Facebook asking for help and a lady told me to add rectangle tabs where they would connect.  This worked I just needed to add the dashes so that it would fold better.   Once I did this it was all set and will work great for my granddaughter's first birthday.  One of the lady's did the same thing and she added a bow and rhinestones.  Since this is for infants and toddlers I will not add the rhinestones but, I have added the bows  and I love how it has turned out.  She is having her friends meet them at the zoo for a strolling the zoo birthday party and she is going to put animal crackers in the boxes.

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