Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Decorations

Yes, I know it is past Easter but, I just thought since I made an Easter card for practice that I would try to make some Easter decorations that I found at the Silhouette store.  I did not realize that when I cut it out I would have a two and a three egg holder.  I only needed to pick which one I wanted and then just cut that size out but, I cut both.  Below is the first one I did that was the three hole egg holder.  It was so cool that all I had to do was cut and put it together. It took me a little bit to figure out how to do the bow but, I really like how this looks.

Then,  I did not want to waste the cut out for the two hole egg holder so I went ahead and made a basket for that one.  I had larger plastic eggs so they fit just right. I really love these little baskets.
Someone on a Facebook group asked if the basket would hold Cadbury eggs I checked and the would not but, I thought it should be pretty easy to make it where it would hold the Cadbury eggs.  So I opened up my Silhouette and the basket pattern I erased the two holes and I then took my oval tool and put in 6 ovals and made the insert to hold Cadbury eggs.  Lucky for me, my husband had some Cadbury eggs so that I could test it out.  So love that I made these with scrap paper and I did not get frustrated at all.

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