Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter Wreath

Below, is one of the first wreath's I ever made and it is still holding up.  This is the materials I used to make the wreath.

1. Straw circle wreath
2. Colored grass
3. Plastic eggs
4. Small bunny
5. Wired bow.

I first took the colored grass and hot glued it all over the wreath.  Be careful the glue tends to melt the grass you have to work fast.  Then I hot glued the eggs on top of the grass around the wreath.

From there I hot glued the little bunny and then just tied the bow around the wreath.  over time the grass was getting loose so I took some purple ribbon and tied it around the wreath.

This wreath is about 5 or more years old and it has held up and past the test of time.

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