Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Etcing Ornaments

I am sure by now, everyone is over all my ornaments and the photos I have put on Pinterest and Facebook.  But, I seen on another blog how to do etching and doing etching is what I like doing and I was doing etching before I did the glitter ornaments.

Here is the link to where I seen how to do the etching. They just used regular stickers and etching cream and they came out amazing so it is very easy to do nothing complicated at all.

Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out the word Believe, then I used my transfer paper and transferred it to the ornament. This ornament is the shape of an M&M and that makes it easy to work with the surface of the ornament. I picked these up at Michael's they were 50% off.

Since I was etching the entire ornament I needed to find something to hold the ornament so that I could put etching cream over the entire ornament.  My husband came up with the perfect solution, we had a wooden pencil holder our daughter made when she was a child.  He took a  Ziploc bag and covered it then he took a new pencil and pushed it through the Ziploc bag to one of the holes.
Then we just place the ornament on the pencil. Here is a photo before I added the vinyl.

Here is a photo after I added the vinyl just before I etched it.

Now for the etching cream, in the photo you will see the etching cream is not white. It is still good, it just has changed color due to be exposed to the air. I used a small brush to put the etching cream on. I let it sit about 10 mins then rinsed.  You should wear gloves, will etching but, I did not and it was fine I just cleaned my hands really good and put lotion on them when I was done.

Here is the result.
Here is one that I etched the word and not the ornament. The photo does not do it justice it looks so pretty. I did put glitter in the ornament but, you could not see the word so before it dried I removed the glitter.

Here are some more ornaments where I etched the entire ornament except for the design.

Friday, December 6, 2013

More Ornaments.

I have been working on completing my glitter ornaments.  I have added the vinyl and the ribbon to a bunch more.  I still have more that I have to even start but, I will get them done soon.