Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pool Noodle Fall Wreath

I made another pool noodle wreath and I added some stuff to the first one.  I live in the South and the heat got to the first one where it lost it shape.  So I took some Fall wire ribbon and tied it in blank areas to make the wreath stronger.  Then I added some more Fall leaves. I do like the way it looks.

Then I had another pool noodle and Fall leaves and flowers so I made another one.  I decided to thread a piece of yarn through the pool noodle and pull the two end together to form the circle and tie the yarn really tight.  Then I taped the ends together using packing tape.  Not sure if that will help the pool noodle to keep it's shape in the southern heat but, it is worth a try. Here is the second Fall wreath. Sending the first to my daughter, since I do not need two.

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