Sunday, September 22, 2013

Etched Beer Glasses

I was trying to come up with an etched design for my son.  He came up with putting his U.S. Navy rating badge along with the saying of his rate. "No Air Support  Without Ground Support."

So I purchased so beer glasses at the Dollar Tree and using my Silhouette Cameo we came up with what worked. For some reason my contact paper would not work so I used vinyl.  Here is a pic after my husband weeded out the excess.

I took alcohol and cleaned the glasses, then I made sure it was going on the side my son wanted. He wanted it to face out as he was using it.

Here is is taped up and with the etching cream on it. It is kind of hard to see the cream it is beading up on the vinyl but, it is etching the glass.

The finished product, my son held it up to the light so it could be seen better for the photo.
This is a 26 oz beer mug.  I am very pleased how it turned out.