Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red Neck Glasses with straw holder.

After I made some red neck glasses for some family and friends I came across a website that had instructions on how to put a hole and rubber grommet on a canning lid.

Since my friends / family live out of town and already had the glasses w/ lids I just purchased a 12 pack of lids w/ rings.  So they will be able to use it closed up or with the hole.

Here is my husband drilling the hole in the lid.

Here, is one of the lids done before the grommet.
Now, we just push the grommet through to seal the edges.
I wanted a glass for myself just the jar not with the candle stick part.  Here it is all done with my drink.

Here is the top view with the straw and grommet.

Cannot wait to send to my family / friends so they can have the straw in their redneck glasses.
Here is a photo of the glasses I sent. Just a quick change out and they will have lids that have holes for the straws.  Once they get them I am going to ask them to send me a pic and then I will update this post.

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