Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Feet Canvas

My daughter is in the Navy and stationed in Virgina.  She and her husband had their first child a baby girl, on June 22nd.  My husband and I went up to meet her during the fourth of July holiday. 

When I packed for our trip, I brought two white canvases that I had and some pink and purple paint.

I wanted to put her hands and feet on the canvas.  Well, we got her feet barely but, there was no way we could get her hands.  So I  now had the feet on the canvas but, what to do with them.

Since my first try at putting a photo on canvas turned out I decided to find a photo of my granddaughter and mod podge it to the feet canvas.  Below is what I did.

Here is what materials I used:

(1) 8×10 White Canvas
(1) 4×6 Photo

Mod Podge
Application Brushes

This is the canvas before I added the photo.

Here are the steps I did .

1.  Apply an even layer of mod podge, to the canvas area where the photo will go and to the back of the photo.

 2. Add a layer of mod podge to the top of the photo to seal. since I had two canvases with her feet I went ahead and put mod podge on the entire canvas and it did not ruin the feet prints at all.  So the entire canvas was covered in mod podge
3. Once dry I liked it but, it seemed to need something.  So I decided to paint the edges the same color as the feet just to make it a bit more finished.

4. Put painters tape on the top edge so that we could have a some crisp line.  Since this was done last the edge at the top is not that big due to the photo being there.  The next one I do I will paint the edges first and bring the photo down some or cut it so that the edges show a little better.  But, I am happy with the end result.  This is for me the second one will be for my daughter.

I put all the steps together so you can see how easy it is.  I do like the way it turned out.

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