Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Months of May and June were very busy traveling to IL to see our son graduate Navy boot camp. To Massachusetts for a family wedding and to VA to help my daughter out who was expecting her first child and she was breech.  On June 11th she was due to have a C-section and she wanted me to be there.  The day of the surgery we found out that the baby had turned and was in the down postition.  They told my daughter this usually does not happen after 37 weeks.

We then spent the next 11days like we was on a vacation instead of her trying to have a baby.  She had a few false alarms but, no baby then the day came where I had to fly home.  12 hours after I left VA the baby arrived.  She came with no C-section and only an epidural.

So now my husband and I are grandparents.  We decided to take a road trip from MS to VA on the day before the Fourth of July holiday.  We were there from Thursday morning until Sunday morning then we headed home but, it was such a blessing to be able to see our granddaughter.

Even through I was busy I still did some crafts.  I am working on updating my blog, to show what I have done.

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