Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Did it myself canvas

So I seen on Pinterest where you can do put photos on canvas instead of paying someone to do it.

When I clicked on the photo this is where it sent me to.

She shows step by step on how to do this.  I had an idea for a cute photo of my daughter and son in law's wedding shoes and instead of paying for it to be made it to a canvas I did it myself.

The website shows step by step what to do but, I did make a couple changes.

Here is what materials I used:

(1) 8×10 Black Canvas
(1) 8×10 Photo

Mod Podge
Application Brushes

I purchased a black canvas at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon, this way I did not have to paint the edges of a white canvas black like the original instructions say.

Here is what I did step by step.

1. Place photo upside down then place canvas on top, trim away any excess from photo.

2. Apply an even layer of mod podge.

3. Lay photo face up on canvas. Smooth and press firmly removing any bubbles.

When I first printed this out it did not fill the entire 8x10 frame so I opened up Microsoft Power Point and I inserted the photo and then I added a black trim around the photo. From there I uploaded it to Walgreens photo department and I ordered an 8x10.

 4. Add a layer of mod podge to the top of the photo to seal.  Here is the end result.
I am very happy how it turned out especially since it is my first time doing this. But, I will do this again.  Did anyone notice the wedding rings are tied in the shoe laces?

Vinyl & Slate

So I had seen on Pinterest or some online place where someone purchased some slate at a craft store and then stenciled a sign and distressed it to look like a chalkboard sign.  I really wanted to try this out and I cut out a stencil using contact paper and my Silhouette Cameo.  Well, it was a mess the paint leaked under the contact paper and it was not readable at all.

Lucky for me I was able to wash the paint off of the slate.  Then I took a piece of sandpaper and rough the slate to make sure all the paint was off and whatever I put on would stick.

I had decided to cut out what I wanted using my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl.  I made a birth sign for my granddaughter's room.  The vinyl stuck to the slate with no problems and then I just added some felt flowers that I had.

My husband is going to drill some holes and put some twine on it for easy hanging.

Bank for granddaughter.

I made this a while ago but, I never blogged about it. This was one of my first projects that I did on my own.  I got a glass block and I painted it a frosted glitter then I wrapped two ribbons around it and just added some flowers.  A friend who does cards and scrapbooks did my granddaughters name on a gift she had given and I took the name and put it on the bank.  So sweet and so very simple.

Front of the bank. I tied the ribbon at the top in a small knot then put a flower over the knot.

Here is the sides of the bank

Back of the bank it shows the glitter of the paint.

Here is the project all together.

Family Sign

I made this sign at the beginning of June but, I have not had the time to post on my blog about it.
This was such an easy project, I just downloaded the words from the Silhouette Cameo online store and then I cut it out to fit an 8x10 white canvas.  I printed it on hunter green vinyl, then placed it on the canvas, I did not even use transfer paper since it was small and came off so clean.  Then I just pressed it all down and hung it on my wall.


Months of May and June were very busy traveling to IL to see our son graduate Navy boot camp. To Massachusetts for a family wedding and to VA to help my daughter out who was expecting her first child and she was breech.  On June 11th she was due to have a C-section and she wanted me to be there.  The day of the surgery we found out that the baby had turned and was in the down postition.  They told my daughter this usually does not happen after 37 weeks.

We then spent the next 11days like we was on a vacation instead of her trying to have a baby.  She had a few false alarms but, no baby then the day came where I had to fly home.  12 hours after I left VA the baby arrived.  She came with no C-section and only an epidural.

So now my husband and I are grandparents.  We decided to take a road trip from MS to VA on the day before the Fourth of July holiday.  We were there from Thursday morning until Sunday morning then we headed home but, it was such a blessing to be able to see our granddaughter.

Even through I was busy I still did some crafts.  I am working on updating my blog, to show what I have done.