Wednesday, February 27, 2013

World of Warcraft Glasses

Beer Glasses for New Son In Law.

I had decided that since we did Yoda coffee cups for my daughter that we should come up with something that my son in law would like.  My daughter tells me that he likes World of Warcraft and that it would be cool if I could do the symbol which looks like a lion.

Picked up some nice beer glasses at you guessed it the Dollar Tree.

We tried all kinds of photos but, nothing seemed to work there was so much detail that needed to be done.  Then we finally found what we were looking for and we used the Silhouette Cameo and measured so that we had the right size for the glasses.  Then I actually found the World of Warcraft font online and we cut out the word Alliance.

Here is the stencil of the WOW symbol
Now with the etching cream.

Here are two of the glasses before the word Alliance was added.
Here is the etching the word Alliance on the glass.

Now here are two photos showing the finished project. I added some water and green food coloring so the design could be seen better. I also put a blue beer bottle behind the glass so it would show up better for the camera.

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