Friday, March 22, 2013

Making use of old candles.

Melting Wax.

I had a rose scented candle that the wick was done and did not want to throw away.  So I decided to melt the wax by placing in a pan on the stove and slowly bring it to a boil.
Once the wax was melted I carefully poured the wax into an old ice cube tray. I had sprayed the trays with olive oil so they would come out easy. I also put down wax paper and glad I did since I missed the tray.

Then I put in freezer to cool. Once cool they popped right out and I now use them in my warmers, they smell wonderful and I was able to use all the wax.

Then I took and cleaned the jar the wax was in and I etched a butterfly on the glass, this stencil came from the Martha Stewart kit I had purchased. I use the container to hold cotton balls.